Redwood Speech and Language Resource Base Admissions

Redwood is set up to support children with a Specific Language Impairment. This means that their non-verbal skills are at least within the average range but their language is significantly disordered. An Educational Psychology assessment together with a recent Speech and Language therapy assessment can identify this. A Ravens Progressive Matrices score can also be used to ascertain a child's non-verbal skills.

Children who attend the provision have:

  • As a primary need, severe receptive and/or expressive language difficulties.
  • A statement of Special Educational Needs, or are undergoing formal assessment under the 1996 Education act or have been identified by professionals as requiring an assessment place.
  • Non-verbal skills which fall within the average range.
  • Appropriate behavioural skills.
  • Appropriately developing social interaction skills.


Children with statements

If the statutory assessment process is already underway and the needs of the pupil match the needs description for Redwood, parents can be signposted to the resource base by professionals involved. It is recommended that parents visit us before stating a preference for their child to attend in order to make a fully informed decision.  Depending on the time of year/spaces available, pupils can enter the resource base through the usual route of the ‘Lewisham Special Educational Needs Provision and Placement Panel’ which takes place fortnightly.

Parents and/or professionals are also able to suggest placement in Redwood through the annual review process. Depending on the time of year/spaces available pupils can enter the resource base through liaison between the current school in partnership with parent, named SEN Officer and Redwood’s Lead Teacher.


  • Assessment placements

    • To be considered for a placement in Redwood, it is not necessary for a child to have a statement of special educational needs. Where children do not have a statement, they will remain on roll at their current school (the home school) while they attend Redwood (the host school) on a daily basis where their long-term needs are monitored by specialist staff in the base.
      Professionals involved with the child such as a Speech and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist or school Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENco) can recommend referring a child for an assessment place. This is always in conjunction with the parent. Parents too can apply for their child to take up an assessment place by contacting Lewisham’s Special Educational Needs department.