At Tidemill Academy we offer an array of opportunities to our students in PE that aim to develop their physical, social and cognitive skills. We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital in contributing to a pupil’s physical development and well-being. We value our student’s progress and aim to provide opportunities to them in inclusive and engaging environments that is intended to develop pupils’ self-confidence when they participate in physical activities. We promote the ‘Sporting Spirit Values’ of Determination, Self Belief, Passion, Honesty, Respect and Teamwork; and focus on developing great sportsmanship among all our students.

PE Lessons

Within PE lessons students develop and showcase their skills in a wide range of sports including Football, Cricket, Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics. Through the selection of logically developed tasks, it is intended that pupils, irrespective of their ability, will enjoy success and be motivated further to develop their individual potential. It is important that pupils are given the opportunity to evaluate their performance so as to improve it and enjoy success. At the conclusion of each half term all students participate in intra school competitions within their year group. These competitions are a fun and exciting end to the term that students and teachers all enjoy participating in.

Inter School Competitions

Here at Tidemill Academy we are a member of Association for Lewisham Primary School Sport (ALPS) and participate in the school games competitions. Inter school tournaments provide students who are passionate about particular sports with the opportunity to train and improve their skills further, and represent our school proudly. We regularly attending inter school competitions, taking up to three teams to compete. This means that a greater number of children are provided with the opportunity to represent their school and feel part of a team, helping to develop other personal and social skills and attitudes.

After School Clubs

Our staff have a diverse range of skills and interests that they are able to share with students at Tidemill Academy in our after school clubs. Every year group has access to a variety of fun clubs they can chose to participate in and our competition teams are able to train during this time. Aside from our staff, outside agencies are brought in to create more opportunities for our students. Some of these include: fencing, gymnastics, dance and karate. The wide range of sports offered ensures that there is an option for everyone, no matter their ability or experience in sport.

Gold Sainsbury’s School Games Mark

We are very proud at Tidemill Academy of our achievement of the Gold Sainsbury’s School Games Mark. Schools can accomplish this if they show a strong commitment to improving sport and physical activity in competitive and non- competitive environments. They must be able to display a strong engagement in sport across the whole school and endeavour to deliver quality teaching and opportunities for their students. The collaborative effort of all staff has ensured that our school has a strong PE culture and we are constantly able to offer new opportunities to our students.