School Dinners

At Tidemill we provide our children with a healthy, delicious meal each day including a choice of 2-3 hot meals per day (including a vegetarian option) and a well-stocked salad bar. We also offer special menus through the year to tie in with festivals and celebrations. Our wonderful new caterer, Pride Catering, are working with us to achieve the highest “Gold” Food for Life standard which featuring fresh and healthy meals made with local and organic ingredients.

A menu is available from our Reception desk or by clicking here. You can also download a copy of our Allergens list here.
There is also further information available for download: What is Gold Food for Life? and Nutritional atandards & Suppliers.

Paying for School Dinners

School meals are free for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as part of the Government’s Universal Free School Meal’s initiative. Pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 (and full-time nursery) pay £2.00 per day.

We ask that parents pay for all meals in advance using our online Parentpay facility Access to ParentPay requires a username and password, details of which are sent out by the office. If you are not sure of your username or password or need some help with how to access the service, please pop in to see the office team. They will be happy to sit down with you to go through everything.

Packed Lunches

Whilst we feel that all children benefit from a freshly cooked organic meal at lunchtime we understand that some parents still prefer to send in a packed lunch, especially if their child is a particularly picky eater. If this is the case we ask that you provide a healthy lunch which includes a balanced variety of food groups. Sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed. We encourage parents not to send in nuts or nut products in children’s packed lunches, as we have some children who can suffer severe allergic reactions. This also applies to packed lunches for educational visits. Please note that food brought in from home cannot be heated in school. Please see the attached Packed Lunch policy for guidelines.

Applying for Free School Meals

Free School Meals – savings for you and £1300 for each eligible pupil for the school.

There has been much discussion about Pupil Premium in the news over the past few years and the new government policies for education. What you need to know is that registration for free school meals is an important part of this. The number of children registered affects the school funding and in the future may affect the support your child may need to stay in the sixth form or go on to university.

Since April 2012, an important part of the funding the school gets is based on the number of our students entitled to free school meals. We are aware that many families entitled to free school meals do not claim them. For some this is because their child does not want to eat a hot meal and prefers to have a packed lunch, others think they don’t need to register as their child is receiving a free meal anyway through the Universal Free School Meal initiative, whilst others don’t feel comfortable accepting support and are worried that there may be some sort of stigma.

However, since April 2012, the school only get the additional funding entitlement we and the children are entitled to (‘pupil premium’) if students who are able to register for free school meals actually do register. If you think you may be entitled, whether or not your child wishes to eat a school meal regularly, it is really important in these difficult financial times that you register for free school meals. The free school meal list is confidential.

To apply for free school meals, parents must have one or more children aged four and over attending a state school ; and be receiving child benefit for the child/children and one or more of the following:

  • Income is less than £16,190 per year
  • Income support
  • Income based jobseekers’ allowance
  • Child tax credit (providing the family’s income does not exceed £16,190)
  • Guaranteed element of state pension credit
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act


Once again, if you think you are eligible, whether you want the free school meal or not, we ask you please to check you are registered as soon as possible. Once you are registered we will allocate you a Free School Meal Grant which we will pay termly into your parentpay account.

How to apply

All parents have access to a website where you can check your child’s eligibility for free school meals. The website is user friendly and you will receive an immediate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Please notify the school office if you are eligible.

If you would like to check your child’s eligibility for free school meals, please click here

Alternatively, you can apply by completing a form available from the school reception and we will check it for you.

If you are eligible you will be able to claim the free school meal grant of £100 per year (payable in termly installments). This will be paid into your parentpay account.

To go to the website, please click the relative link below:

Pride Catering