Books, film, sound, paintings, photographs, memories and imagination all inspire challenging and thought provoking conversations.  At Tidemill Academy, we value speaking and listening.  If pupils have something to say, they’ll have something valuable to write about too.  Children also need to develop good listening skills to help access new learning and build relationships with others.

Books are most commonly used as the starting point for our learning journey.  We are very fortunate to have the use of the Library at the Deptford Lounge but teachers don’t stop there.  In every classroom, we strive to ensure that our book corners capture the interest of readers.  Teachers model reading and teach pupils to develop reading habits that improve their imagination, language and communication.

If reading is our starting point, the next stage is concerned with mastering the skills of spelling, handwriting and grammar (the ingredients of quality written outcomes).  Teachers model and imitate the writing that they have read and offer plenty of opportunities for pupils to rehearse the skills introduced.  As children move through the school, they accumulate an increasing number of skills. Where pupils struggle, the teaching of that skill becomes more rigorous and additional support is planned so that all pupils progress.