Governance at Tidemill Academy is delegated by the REAch2 Trust Board to a Local Governing Body. The Local Governors are accountable to the Regional Board and through this body to the Trust Board (which in turn is accountable to the Department for Education) as well as to the communities they serve.

For more information on the REAch2 governance model, please refer to the governance section of the REAch2 website: or click here for a summary. To see a list of the current REAch2 Trustees, please click here and for key information about them (including how appointed, any registered interests and attendance records from last school year)


The Tidemill Governors

The Local Governing Board at Tidemill Academy is made up of parents, school staff, members of the local community and REAch2 appointed governors. The role of the Local Governing Body is an important one. Governors hold the school to account and meet each term through 'Full Governing Board ' meetings and committee meetings. The governors have a wide range of responsibilities including:

  • Implement and review the strategic plan for the Academy
  • Act as a critical friend to the leadership team, being ready to challenge and hold senior leaders to account
  • Oversee the management of the finances of the Academy
  • Support the Headteacher in the development and review of an appropriate staffing structure
  • Oversight of policies and major decisions concerning the general direction of the Academy
  • Visiting the school regularly to moderate, monitor, audit & get to know the pupils. Some governors have responsibility for a specific area such as safeguarding, SEN provision or finance


As recommended by REAch2, the Tidemill Academy Local Governing Body has the following structure:


Lorraine Stewart

4 x governors appointed by the Trust Board (3 currently)

David Mason, Abi Coman-Walker, Christopher Acheson

2 x elected Parents

Emma Jones, Sharleen Baxter

2 x elected Staff

Kellie Sou, Lisa Turner

Up to 3 x Co-opted Local Governors if desired (1 currently)

Helier Cheung


If you are interested in joining the Local Governing Board, please check the school newsletter where vacancies are advertised. For further information, please click here for the complete list of our current governors, their positions of responsibility, terms of office, attendance at LGB and Committee meetings and any business interests that could present a conflict of interest or any connections to other interested parties. Please click here to see the Terms of Reference for the Tidemill Local Governing Body and it’s committees.