Dear Parents and Carers,
The 'Calendar' to the right will inform you of events, trips and meetings. Information about events, trips and meetings will also be given be via letters, newsletters, noticeboards, texts and our Twitter feed.

Tidemill takes a tough stance on both attendance and punctuality and firmly believe that every day lost is a day that cannot be made up. We are thrilled that our parents support us by making sure their children are in school unless they are really feeling unwell. We do not authorise any holidays during term-time so please make sure you have checked the term dates thoroughly when booking holidays.

2016/17 Term Dates

Spring Term 2017

Professional Development (Inset) Day: Wednesday 4th January
Thursday 5th January – Friday 10th February
Half Term: Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February
Monday 20th February – Friday 31st March (closing at 1.30pm)

Summer Term 2017

Professional Development (Inset) Day: Tuesday 18th April
Tuesday 18th April – Friday 26th May
(May Bank Holiday will be taken on Monday 1st May)
Half Term Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June
Monday 5th June – Friday 21st July (closing at 1.30pm)

2017/2018 Term Dates

Autumn Term 2017

Professional Development (Inset) Days: Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September
Wednesday 6th September – Friday 20th October
Half Term: Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October
Monday 30th October – Wednesday 20th December (closing at 1:30pm)

Professional Development (Inset) Day on Monday 11th December.

Spring Term 2018

Professional Development (Inset) Day: Wednesday 3rd January
Thursday 4th January – Friday 9th February
Half Term: Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February
Monday 19th February – Thursday 29th March (closing at 1:30pm)

Summer Term 2018

Professional Development (Inset) Day: Monday 23rd April
Monday 16th April – Friday 25th May
(May Day Holiday will be taken on Monday 7th May- School closed)
Half Term: Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June
Monday 4th June – Friday 20th July (closing at 1:30pm)
Professional Development (inset) Day: Monday 9th July

Public Holidays

Christmas Day – Monday 26th December 2016
Boxing Day – Tuesday 27th December 2016
New Year – Monday 2nd January 2017
Good Friday – Friday 14th April 2017
Easter Monday – Monday 17th April 2017
May Day – Monday 1st May 2017
Spring Holiday – Monday 29th May 2017
Summer Holiday – Monday 28th August 2017